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About Founder

Founder Lashay Caleb

My name is Lashay Caleb, I am the founder of SHOPSHAY Humble Apparel. I was born and raised on the westside of Detroit, Michigan. I created my brand in the beginning of 2021, but I really started to take it serious towards the end of 2021. I realized that my brand is my passion and I absolutely love everything about my business. I made a lot of mistakes, but that just made my business better. I am always willing to learn which helped me grow as a person, and me growing as a person helped my business grow. I had to take a step back to build my business over from new designs, more research and better marketing to push my brand into the world. My brand is called “SHOPSHAY Humble Apparel” because I am a very humble person and I want to inspire everyone to stay humble thought their journey of life, remember where they came from, don’t belittle or judge others. I want everyone to keep going on their dreams and continue to grow in a positive way. My brand is VERY important to me, and I want to put nothing but high quality products into the world to spread positivity.

Join the SHOPSHAY community~If you are wearing anything from my brand, you believe and support this movement.

Mission Statement: SHOPSHAY Humble Apparel is a community where fashion and positivity connect everyone through clothing. Anyone wearing SHOPSHAY Humble Apparel will remember where they came from, change in a good way and spread positivity throughout the world. “I DON’T BELITTLE ANYONE, I DON’T JUDGE ANYONE, I AM ALWAYS WILLING TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW.”